Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Early Alamo Plaza

Alamo Plaza postcard, Undivided back
Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas
From 1803 until 1876 Mission San Antonio de Valero, better known is the Alamo, was use by military forces of  five different countries, Spain, Mexico, Texas, Confederate States of America and The United States of America. In 1877  the Catholic Church sold the convent part of the Alamo to Honore Grenet for his wholesale grocery business. Mr. Grenet added a crenelated wooden gallery to the front of the existing building. He also add three crenelated wooden turrets complete with wooden cannons, giving the building a medieval fortress appearance. In 1886 the Grenet estate sell the Alamo convent to Charles Hugo, Gustav Schmeltzer and William Heuermann who continue to operate a grocery business at the location. Although the card featured in today's post is not the oldest card in my collection, I it is the oldest photograph of the Alamo and plaza. I believe this photo was taken in the 1890's. The postcard is from the Undivided Back Era 1901 - 1907 but was not used until, March 27, 1908. Published by Paul C. Koeber, New York City.

Below is a close-up, cropped the the postcard above. The Hugo & Schmeltzer is visible and one of the three original gun turrets is still in place.

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